About us

The Original Grill Master Gloves are made by Grill Masters, for Grill Masters.

It all started when three Grill Masters all ran into the same problem, namely that there was no glove on the market that met all their requirements. But what were their requirements? One Saturday afternoon they had a discussion about what the ideal glove should be, they discussed points such as: Extreme heat resistance, flexibility, grip, protection of forearms, easy to put on and take off, easy to store, etc.

When they had visualized the ideal glove, one Grill Master said: "If we have this problem, surely others will too?

The following weekend the Grill Masters agreed to make it more concrete and contacted factories that specialized in this. They ordered the first 50 pairs of gloves to see what other Grill Masters thought of them.

They took the feedback they received from the other Grill Masters and developed the glove further.
Today The Original Grill Master Gloves is a company that can call itself the specialist in the field of BBQ gloves and sells its gloves in over 5 countries.